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SEOIn the world today, one of the most important things that will determin the success of your company is your online presence. Almost as important as the site itself is how easy it is to find on the internet. There have been some great websites that have failed because they didn't know how to optimize and there have been some terrible websites that have been runaway successes because they did know how to optimize. It's really the make-or-break.

Google is currently indexing more than 8,000,000,000 web pages. Without the right site layout with the correct keywords and the background knowledge, most business have a hard time making it into the first two pages.

The reason that the first 2 pages are important is that few people go past the first 2 pages of Google, so unless your site is in that very select group, in the top 30 - 50 sites, the odds of getting traffic from search engines is slim to nil.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Checkmark  Make your site easy to find for your current customers.
Checkmark  Improve your search engine positions for your important keywords.
Checkmark  Target your geographical area, be it your local community, nationally or internationally.
Checkmark  Target your selected demographic
Checkmark  Turn your site into a money maker instead of a liability.
Checkmark  Achieve great search results

At Avterra Systems, we have consultants who do SEO full time. SEO techniques can change day to day an unless you are dealing with a company that has people working full time in SEO, they will be less effective.
Through keyword research and analysis we are able to determine which products and services are most often searched for in your industry, as well as how the searches are phrased. This valuable information provides great insight into consumer preferences, brand loyalty, and customer demographics. Allowing you to tailor your business to customer demand and trends.

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