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HackersThe internet is more unsafe today than it was 10 years ago. With so many tech-savvy individuals gaining entry into private systems and corporate servers stealing information, committing cyber crimes, credit card information, client profiles, and causing general problems to the people on the receiving end of the hacking attempt. In 2010, cyber crimes shot up 40% to an estimated 2.9 million effected systems. By 2012 that number is thought to double.

There's many tools at our disposal that allows us to check for vulnerabilities. We have dozens of tools and dozens of software at our disposal that we can use to look for network problems. These are the same tools that are used by hackers to gain entry into your systems servers and websites causing havoc!

Take a look at some of the real vulnerabilities found during some of our previous calls:

Checkmark  A design firm called complaining about slow speeds coming from their network. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the owners ex-husband had hired a cyber investigator to initiate a "Man in the Middle Attack" all information that was being sent over the secured wireless network was being recorded by the investigator to be used to sabotage her business.

Checkmark  On a routine service call with a client, it was discovered that when the tech had set up their wireless network, they had only setup a WEP encrypted network. Upon checking the logs on the router it was discovered that there were 4 separate systems accessing the network (of which the client only had 2 computers) the hackers were leeching bandwidth from the client not only causing slow speeds, but increasing his internet bill by almost $35.00 a month!

Checkmark  During a scan of a business website, it was determined that in the registration form field, there was the ability to run code through one of the fields. This gave backdoor access to the server which included access to all client information. This included phone numbers, credit card numbers, payment schedules, usernames and passwords. If this wasn't caught by us, it could have caused irreparable damages to the company in question.

* None of these clients were aware of any issues until they were discovered by Avterra Systems. Your home or business system may be vulnerable right now. For a small fee we can check the security on the networks and if any information is found, we can give you an estimate on repairs.

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