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Design CollageAvterra Systems offers a comprehensive design service. At no point will you ever get a 'cookie cutter' template website! All of our designs are made from scratch to the clients specifications.

Logo Designs:
If you have a logo already we will try to design your site around the colors of the logo. If you don't already have a logo we can design a logo for you initially before we build your site. This is great for starter companies who need a design for business cards or other literature.

Types of Websites:
Since our designs are all built from scratch, you can request any type of website from PHP to Flash and any combination in between! We've done sites for businesses, online e-commerce, charities, and ad-supported websites. If you're unfamiliar with the various design options, please let us know and we can give you more information and recommend what will work best with your design requirements.

For clients with existing websites:
Please have us take a look! It can't hurt to have us find what's working for you, and what area's of your website could use some improvements. Many times it's as simple as a few keywords or a graphic or two to change your website from ordinary to extraordinary! Remember over 99% of the internet right now is dated. If you haven't changed your design in the last 5 years, your site is most likely in need of some servicing to adjust with the changing web environment.

Our Website Design Process
We have a different process than most companies. We understand that you may not have seen us before and that you would like to see the type of work we can do for your website. Portfolio pictures can only do so much! We offer a FREE DEMO PAGE to you to know what your site will look like when it's finished. That's right, we'll demo the site for you so you're not blindly trusting us based on our other work. We're able to offer this because we're THAT sure you'll love your finished website.

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